Billet Button Driven Clutch Cover



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This new and exciting part will convert your 1998 or newer driven clutch to a button style clutch simply by removing the roller cover and bolting this CNC Billet aluminum cover on. Drag racers, trail riders, and hill climbers can add as much as 5 sled lengths of performance in acceleration runs by adding this part. The secret of this part is that it allows the driven clutch to shift out smoothly and consistently without drawing or sucking the belt into the sheaves uncontrollably like roller driven clutches do. On engines that produce a lot of horsepower and torque like big twins or monster triple engines, the stock roller driven clutch overreacts to the huge power levels. Often the belt burns and is sucked into the driven clutch, causing the snowmobile to bog down on starts or allow the drive belt to slip. Our button clutch cover converts your existing clutch so you can tune it to achieve predictable and awesome accelerating characteristics. This cover will not fit Diamond drive models.