ProClimb / ProCross Torsional Conversion Kit (2012 - 2015)


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This kit fits 2012-2015 ProClimb models and transforms them into a custom High Performance driven clutch. This clutch features: • Faster acceleration • Improved backshift. • Clutches that run cooler. • Improved Belt life. • Holds engine rpm's, allowing more HP to be transferred to the ground. • Complete kit includes: Billet Cover Plate, Billet Helix, Torsional spring, torsional Spring Perch, CPC Aero-space Rollers and stainless steel roller bolts. • This kit is ISR Race Legal. • 100% bolt on. • Your choice of helix 38, 38/44, 38/46, 42/36, 42/38, 42/48, 44/42, 44/40, 46/42, 50/44. Feel free to call us at 801-224-5005 and CPC can customize to your rider weight, elevation, and engine mods. (WE WILL CONTACT YOU TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT)