CPC EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator

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This EFI Fuel pressure regulator kit fits on all 2003-2011 Firecats, F6, F7, F8, M-6, M-7 or M8 mountain sleds. The CPC EFI fuel pressure regulator is CNC machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum and uses a modified OEM regulator inside it that can be adjusted anywhere from 0 to 70 psi. Now you can increase fuel pressure or decrease fuel pressure on your EFI by simply turning a screw! This is a perfect product for anyone who wants to "tweak" on their jetting or who wants to modify their EFI motor by adding a set of pipes or a big bore kit. Remember that when adjusting fuel pressure, adjustments are linear from an idle to full throttle. On many applications, this regulator can be used in conjunction with an EFI fuel controller to fine tune your fuel requirements. An $80.00 credit can be applied by trading in your stock pressure regulator. The gauge is glycerin filled and is essential for measuring and monitoring the fuel pressure at the time of adjustment. The gauge comes with fittings, hose clamps and instructions. Part #: CP-001-0104