CPC Redline Gauge

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CPC/Redline is proud to introduce the highest quality and most complete gauge specifically made for the snowmobile industry. This gauge was designed by snowmobile racers for racers. Its multiple function features allow this water resistant gauge to replace all the gauges on your high performance snowmobile. This gauge performs the following functions:
¥ 4 Temperature sensor inputs for Water temp or EGT (2 exposed tip thermocouple sensors are included)
¥ Air Fuel Ratio capable (Requires AFR wiring harness and sensor)
¥ Tachometer (RPM 1)
¥ Digital Speedometer (RPM 2 Hall Effect)
¥ Digital Speedometer (RPM 3 Variable Reluctance for automotive use)
¥ PSI 1 for Boost Pressure
¥ PSI 2 for Fuel Pressure
¥ PSI 3 for Oil Pressure
¥ O to 5 Analog input for direct display of AFR
¥ Record & Playback feature (25 seconds)
¥ Completely Programmable including Pressure, Tachometer and Low & High alarm limits
¥ Customize your own back light with a rainbow of colors using RGB technology
¥ Super bright LED Red internal warning light
¥ Water resistant anodized aluminum (not plastic) gauge enclosure
¥ Runs on AC or DC power without having to purchase a converter
¥ Built in voltage regulator
¥ Displays temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit