Polaris Adjustable Cam Arms Clutch Weights Turbo Mag ª

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Polaris Turbo Mag (TM) Cam Arms Clutch Weights are more aggressive than the factory cam arm clutch weight profile and shift characteristics. Polaris TM Cam Arms Clutch Weights are designed to be used in aggressive trail riding and turbo charged applications. Polaris TM Cam ArmsClutch Weights are ideal for drag racing and have a very aggressive up-shift nature. Polaris TM Cam Arms Clutch Weights act 5 grams heavier than the factory weight and must be ordered 5 grams lighter (i.e. 70 gram TM weight acts like a factory 75 gram weight and runs at the same RPM as a 75 gram factory cam arm weight). You can now adjust the weight of these cam arms clutch weights in seconds by simply adding or subtracting set screws. It is that easy! This new generation of cam arm clutch weights is manufactured specifically for the new Polaris clutch. The adjustment can be made without the removal of the cam arms clutch weights or drive belt. You can now purchase one set of cam arms clutch weights and have the ability to add up to 8 grams of weight. Each kit comes with an assortment of set screws. Adjustments are made with the included allen wrench.